Authorisation issue


We write automation software and some of it is runs as windows service.
This windows service has to be able to access drop box and other cloud services
Obviously it is not possible show the browser for login from the service.
How can we deal with that?

We need a function for login like



There is at least a one-time login through the browser required to retrieve an access token.
This access token can then be saved and re-used.
Maybe you can use the saved token from the one-time browser login and use that in your windows service?

The problem is that accesses token expires and it has to be renewed.
We did write our own library to access Google spreadsheets and we did no use browser but Indy Components.
TIdHttp + TIdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL

It is sad that such a basic functionality is missing. We can't use your components until it is implemented


We'll investigate & consider this.