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Reading the PDF, I see support for several file storage services. The example shows that Google requires user interaction for authentication. Do any of the other services provide for automated authentication? We want to store some files without user interaction.




Please note that all cloud file storage services available in the TMS VCL Cloud Pack require at least a one-time user login for authentication.
These services are based on OAuth for which this is a requirement.

Note that after the login a token is retrieved for authentication.
This token can be persisted and re-used without user interaction as long as it remains valid.
Once a token is revoked a login is required again to retrieve a new token.
An example of how tokens can be re-used can be found in the CloudStorageDemo application (included with the TMS VCL Cloud Pack download)
Thanks for the response.

Is there a time limit on how long the OAuth authentication is valid?
Does the OAuth authentication stay valid between OS restarts?

The expire time of tokens differs depending on the cloud API storage service used. (This can be in the range of a couple of hours to multiple months. We have no control over the expire time.)

The token can be saved to an encrypted ini file, an OS restart does not affect this.
Thanks for the information.