Another FMX.TMSRichEditorBase Compile error

I get a compile error with the RichEditor component. When I start a new project, drop a rich editor and run, there are no problems. When I drop a rich editor component on a frame in my project, I get the following compile error, see below Any ideas?


[bcc32 Error] FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp(712): E2040 Declaration terminated incorrectly
  Full parser context
    frmMain.cpp(20): #include fraStallionDir.h
    fraStallionDir.h(15): #include C:\Users\Marloes\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Pack for FireMonkey\BuilderXE8\Win32\Debug\FMX.TMSRichEditor.hpp
    FMX.TMSRichEditor.hpp(29): #include C:\Users\Marloes\Documents\tmssoftware\TMS Pack for FireMonkey\BuilderXE8\Win32\Debug\FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp
    FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp(37): namespace Fmx
    FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp(39): namespace Tmsricheditorbase
    FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp(688): class TCaret
Elapsed time: 00:00:05.1

Line 712 in FMX.TMSRichEditorBase.hpp causing the problem is of course

    __property bool EOL = {read=FEOL, write=FEOL, nodefault};


We are unable to reproduce this, can you perhaps send us your sample application that we can investigate here to see if there is an issue in C++Builder?

Kind Regards, 

Hi, I just hit this same problem with the VCL TAdvRichEditor.  I have managed to track it down to the fact that before the rich edit includes I have <IdComponent.hpp> which then includes <IdGlobal.hpp>, which contains this line:
#define EOL L"\r\n"
So this is what is messing up the TCaret class.  A quick workaround is to move the TMS includes up so they come before any others.
Regards, Robin.