TMSFMXRichEditor readonly

IDE: Delphi XE8

Component: TMS Pack for FireMonkey version

Platform: SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 (Android Version 4.4.4)

I installed the latest version of the TMS Pack for FireMonkey and just tested firemonkey form with only TMSFMXRichEditor without any code

I found that TMSFMXRichEditor is always readonly (can't input any characters

regardless of ReadOnly property) in Android platform

what's the problem?

Sorry, we are unable to reproduce this here, can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce this?

Is this related to the other issue with the encoding of the characters? Did you change compiler settings?

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As soon as I installed Delphi XE8 and TMS Pack for FireMonkey

I just tested firemonkey app with only TMSFMXRichEditor component without any code.

I did not change any compiler option.

Delphi XE7+TMS Pack for FireMonkey are very well operating

When Delphi XE8+TMS Pack for FireMonkey, TMSFMXRichEditor is always readonly

We will further investigate this here.


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue.
The next version will address this. The reason for this issue was due to underlying interface changes in the FireMonkey framework.

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Send me the fixed source (

Because of this problem, my project has been delayed for more than a week