Android 64 bits

Hi guys, There is an estimated date for 64-bit android support?



We need to get our build server ready first and we need to do more testing on our components before we can safely flag them as 64-bit supported for Android. There is currently no estimate. You can however already manually change the library path to allow compiling for 64 bit. You can send/post errors, exceptions here in case you have issues.

Thanks Pieter, How I do it?

You can go to Tools->Options->Language->Delphi->Library Path. Then change the selection in the combobox and go to Android 64 bit library path, and then add an entry, pointing to the source directory (the one that includes the pas files). Then clean and rebuild your application.

Hi,  this new release  v3.1.4.1 (December 11, 2019) is 64 bit android  support?

Please have a look at the following blog post:

Thanks Bart

HI, I  Tested your componets in android 64 bits , this component not support android 64 bits, when I try start a simple aplication,  
only with  a tmsfmxwebgmaps the application did  not start,it does not give me information.

Hi guys , some news about it??

We have no issues here deploying on 64 bit, did you follow the exact steps from the blog post and addtionally the steps from the following page:
Pieter Scheldeman2019-12-29 12:09:23

Thank you Pieter , It works