Allow unsecure connections in TAdvWebBrowser

I need to log communication between other side. I was thinking using fiddler, but since TAdvWebBroweser is used part of integration it stop process since Fiddler is unsecure there.
How can I tell TADvWebBrowser to trust unsecure content.

Can you please provide some more info, screenshots or error messages indicating the network traffic is not captured?

We have small tAdvWebBrowser windows which should navigate to payment provider side to display their QR code
and when Fiddler is on it will act as proxy and capture https - and that seems unsecure for browser. I get text like this. It says Connection is not private . attackers can try to steal information about page...

We've found a way to solve this problem with the Additional Browser Parameters.
In the AdvWebBrowser or TMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser you can add the following parameter --ignore-certificate-errors to the AdditionalBrowserParameters property in Settings.
These parameters need to be set before the Webbrowser is initialized in runtime.

This will be available in the next release of the TMS VCL UI Pack and TMS FNC Core.

Nice, thanks!