AdvWebBrowser debugging

we have few developer virtual machines where we have issue with https call if eurekalog is enabled ....
(can't make https call).
We have task where we should do login trough https and get jwt and then open web app using advwebBrowser with that jwt. We have working test bench. But our real application we have eurekalog and https calls are impossible. I was considering that I could do login with advWebBrowser.ExecuteJavascript but my script has some error and can't debug or see any error messages / or console.log messages.
Any tips how to debug?

Did you inspect the browser debug console (that you can make visible with advwebbrowser.ShowDebugConsole)?

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Uuups. :D I had almost 2years old VCL pack in my virtual, it did have that method. time goes fast.
Now I can get console.log messages but no errors.
for example I have code

    s := 'function testme() {'+
    'console.log(''executing'') ; '+
    ' veryunknowmethod();' +
    ' console.log(''done'');}'+

where veryunknowmethod(); is unknown. I get executing text to console, but no error about unknow method.

Managed to get error using try/ catch.
Also using w3school try made prototyping easier.