Advstringgrid - problem with normaledit popupmenu

When editing in a normal, inplace editor, pressing Esc should close the normaledit. When you press the Esc key there is no flashing cursor, and the cell becomes highlighted. All good so far. But when you right-click on the cell you don't see the popupmenu of grid. Rather, you see the popupmenu of the normaledit, even though it should be closed. Can you reproduce this? After pressing Esc to close the editor, I then need to see the popupmenu of the grid.

I cannot reproduce this. (5.5 KB)

Thanks, your example works for me.

It must be something in my settings. I'll let you know if I find out what it is.

I found that my problem was caused by setting:

Mousactions.SelectOnRightClick := true;

It was triggering the edit mode when the cell was already selected.

I see that there is a new setting called "SelectOnRightClickNewSelectionOnly" which must have been recently added. I haven't found any documentation for it.

So I set
MouseActions.SelectOnRightClick := false;
MouseActions.SelectOnRightClickNewSelectionOnly := true;

Now right-clicking doesn't select anything.

So I set
MouseActions.SelectOnRightClick := true;
AND MouseActions.SelectOnRightClickNewSelectionOnly := true;

This seems to work! . . . A bit awkward, but I got there eventually. I guess this will be in future documentation, if it hasn't already been added.

If Mousactions.SelectOnRightClick = true, it will indeed show the inplace editor again if you right-click a selected cell and editing is enabled.