AdvStringGrid FilterDropDownAuto

AdvStringGrid Delphi Seattle

I just created a simplest possible sample. Place a AdvStringGrid ( on a VCL-form and set FilterDropDownAuto to True. Place following text in Col 2(first normal col), one letter in one cell in Col 2.

First time I drop down Filter-List is A, B, C, D as I expect. and I then select A. But if I next want to select another letter (eg. B) by manually droping down, the Filter List is A, B, B, B, C, D, which is different from before and not what I expected to get.
So it seems, the second time filter-Dropdown Comes up, nearly every items is shown as often as it exists in the col.

If i select all in filterdropdown between filtering A and filtering B everithing is fine and filterlist is A;B,C,D as I expect. Only when filtering directly from one item to another this happens.

I am not absolutely sure, but I feel this was different a few weeks ago.
I hope it is possible to understand the problem based on my description...

Could someone please check /get back ?


We already internally fixed this. The next update will address this.

I can confirm that version works, regarding the filter.