AdvStringGrid.Drawingstyle error

When I updated the TMS components I've getting a AdvStringGrid.Drawingstyle error.

When I open the form in Delphi (XE5) the components show nicely and tell me I'm using the current version (

Also my linking to the components seems to be in order.

In my code there is no reference or own code to the drawing style function.

Did any encounter this also and if so how did they solve it?

Windows versions: 8,1 / 2011 (cloud server)

Delphi version: XE5 update 2

TMS version: 7.7

advStringgrid version:

If you encounter this at runtime only, please check if there is no old version of ADVGRID.* around somewhere in your system and cleanup all old versions of such files. With a clean setup of the latest version of TAdvStringGrid, this should not occur. DrawingStyle is a pubished property on TAdvStringGrid.