TAdvStringGrid: disable Drag'ndrop and disable moving cells

when using TAdvStringGrid, the user can move a cell content to another cell using the mouse. In most cases this behavior is not allowed and without sense.
Can i disable this without allways set "Allow := False" in OnOleDrag for all AdvStringGrids?

Another issue: When set MaxEditLength in OnGetEditorProp, sometimes the content of the focused cell changes to the content to the next cell, before the next focused cell is entered.
This can be disabled by setting Navigation/AdvancedAuto = False, but it seems to be an error.
Can you proof this?


  1. To disable drag start on specific cells, implement OnOleDragStart and call Abort; from this event handler depending on the ACol,ARow values

  2. I retested this here with a default grid on the form and the code:

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1GetEditorProp(Sender: TObject; ACol,
  ARow: Integer; AEditLink: TEditLink);
  AdvStringGrid1.MaxEditLength := Acol + 1;

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  advstringgrid1.Options :=advstringgrid1.Options+[goEditing];
  AdvStringGrid1.Navigation.AdvanceAuto := true;

but I could not see a problem.