AdvStringGrid- cell addresing


Do You made any changes with cell addressing grid.Cells[x,y], and grid.AllCells[x,y] ? Because after last update my grids "crazy" when there is hidden columns

We are not aware of changes in recent updates. From which version to which version did you go?

Probably from to, because I regullary make updates

Do you have more details about what you experience different?

Looks like Cells and AllCells now is the same - It does not take into account the fact that the columns are hidden. Fo example if You have 5 columns and hide column number 3 then grid.Cells[3,y] and gric.AllCells[3,y] should return another values,right ?

We traced & solved this issue. It will be fixed in TAdvStringGrid v8.6.8.4

Thank You :)