URGENT : Behavior changed between AllCells and Cells [tAdvColumnGrid ]


With tAdvColumnGrid component.

Since couple days, after an update of my app, user find huge difference for the same operation (in fact the app crashed).

It occurs when columns is hidden,
Until now I used this function :
list_Donnee.**AllCells**[list_Donnee.ColumnByName['col_name_1'].INDEX, Ligne_sauve]

but todays, it send back an other value than expected
However, if I used :
list_Donnee.**Cells**[list_Donnee.ColumnByName['col_name_1'].INDEX, Ligne_sauve]

the result is OK.

So I can change the function from AllCells to Cells, but before doing so, I would like to know if the new behaviour is "normal"?

Moreover, the returned value for the same cells (containing an integer of course) is different if I used AllCells or AllInts. (I can buid a project if you want)


We traced & fixed this issue.
We will release an update to address this.