AdvSmoothDateTimePicker Ambiguity Error


When I place a AdvSmoothDateTimePicker on my form which contains many other adv components and do a compile, I get: E2015 Ambiguity between 'TAdvMaskEdit' and 'Advedit::TAdvMaskEdit'

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you,

If you have used both the TAdvSmoothDateTimePicker and TAdvMaskEdit on the form, please prefix the instances of TAdvMaskEdit with its namespace, ie: AdvEdit::TAdvMaskEdit


I have done as you have suggested.  I have to use Advedit::TAdvMaskEdit to get a clean compile.

But now I have another problem.  Whenever I make a change on my form and save it I get an error box for each item that I added the name space to.  It reads "Field FormName->MaskEditName should be of type TAdvMaskEdit but is declared as Advedit::TAdvMaskEdit.  Correct the declaration?" 

I of course click "No", but I have ten page controls on my form with many AdvMaskEdits so I have to click through lots of message boxes each time I save.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

This really is a C++ problem that it always want to auto"correct" (in this case auto-incorrect).

To avoid this, we'd have to rename this internal class. I have added this on the todolist for a future update.