Ambiguity between 'etNumeric' and 'Advdropdown

If I have only a TAdvEdit and AdvColumnGrid on the same form and the only line of code is:

AdvEdit1->EditType = etNumeric;
I get error: E2015 Ambiguity between 'etNumeric' and 'Advdropdown::etNumeric'
  Full parser context Unit13.cpp(23): parsing: void _fastcall TForm13::FormCreate(TObject *)
How can this be fixed?

Any help with this?

The problem can be produced by just placing the two components (even TAdvStringGrid instead of TAdvColumnGrid) and specifying EditType for TAdvEdit.

Please see our FAQ page about prefixing with namespace

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry but after reading the few lines of the FAQ about namespace I dont understand how to do this, can you provide me with an example with TAdvEdit and TAdvColumnGrid.
I tried searching in the "Frequently Asked Component Specific Questions" but the search doesnt appear to work?
Your help is much apreciated.

Found how to do this (for anyone else) its:

AdvEdit1->EditType = TAdvEditType::etFloat;