advsmoothbuttons + double buffering

I have to double buffer a form because the components on it continuously redraw themselves, causing everything on the form to flash and the advsmoothbuttons to not be drawn at all until I click the top of the window.  It also causes all of the icons on my desktop to violently flash.  When I set the form to double buffer the flashing issue goes away, but my advsmoothbuttons all have black squares around them.  I have tried everything I can think of and cannot get the black border to go away.  Is there anyway to get it to go away?

Sorry, can you describe this in more detail or preferably provide some sample source code with which we can reproduce this as with this description, we cannot see an issue. 

Are you using the latest version? Please also  specify which Delphi or  C++Builder  version you're using and preferably also on which OS.

Hmm, I'm trying to post an image but it looks like it has to be from a webpage?  I'm using delphi, in Rad studio 2010.  The advsmoothbutton version is  I'm developing on a windows 7 computer and also run it on an XP computer, but the flashing occurs only on my XP computer when I run the program on it for some reason.  Double buffering the form itself fixes this issue, but it makes all of my advsmooth buttons on the form have a black rectangle around them.  I can't really post any code for this because it happens even on a fresh form thats set to double buffer and only has an advsmooth button on it.  To better picture the issue with the button, picture an adv smooth button sitting ontop of a black, filled in rectangle and thats pretty much what it looks like.