Advpanel Autosize

I am using XE2, 32bit, debug mode,  with the latest Component Pack ( installed. Advpanel version is 2.3.07. I am having trouble with the Autosize functionality. 

To reproduce:

Drop an advpanel on a form.
Drop a tlabel on the advpanel.
Set advpanel.autosize.enabled := true

Result: advpanel shrinks to minimum size, rather than size of tlabel (what I expected).

Am I using Advpanel incorrectly?

The AutoSize feature of TAdvPanel applies to the (HTML formatted) text that you set directly in the Panel via TAdvPanel.Text, not to controls you drop on the Panel.

Thank you for the clarification. Is there a way to have a TAdvPanel autosize in the same way that a TPanel autosizes?

Sorry, this specific feature is not included in TAdvPanel.