AdvMyCloudDataDataSet - copy blob field

I would like to copy records from FireDAC query to myCluddate table using AdvMyCloudDataDataSet.

I tried this:

while not FDQuery1.eof  do

     AdvMyCloudDataDataSet1.FieldByName( 'Field_1' ).Assign( FDQuery1.FieldByName( 'Field_1' ) );
     AdvMyCloudDataDataSet1.FieldByName( 'Field_2' ).Assign( FDQuery1.FieldByName( 'Field_2' ) );

This code works  except for blob fields. I guess I have to first save the query blob field to stream
Strm1 := FDQuery1.CreateBlobStream(FDQuery1.FieldByName('Blob_Field_1'), bmRead); 
but I don't know how to read it to AdvMyCloudDataDataSet. Can you help me with that?

Do you have a myCloudData subscription as blob fields are not accessible for free accounts?

Yes, I have.