AdvMessageDlg Issue

I am converting all my MessageDlgs to AdvMessageDlgs. I understood from the TaskDialog videos that simply Changing MessageDlg to AdvMessageDlg is all that is required to implement this change. However, trying to convert:


always gives error:

[dcc32 Error] Logmain.pas(1623): E2250 There is no overloaded version of 'AdvMessageDlg' that can be called with these arguments

TaskDialog is in my Uses section. I cannot see from TaskDialog.pas why I'm getting this error. Any Ideas?

Using W10 Pro with V2.1.0.0 of TAdvTaskDialog in Rio 10.3.3.


I have retested this here with the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack v10.3 and I cannot see a problem:

This compiles & runs as expected:


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

Can you make sure to use the latest version of the component?

Just tested with the latest version of TAdvTaskDialog V2.1.0.3 (in the new TMSVCLUIPackSetupReg.exe V10.3.0.0) and I get the same result. I've tested in another project, and again I get the same error. Tested with the app on Rio 10.3.3 on another W10 PC, and again the same error.

The TAdvTaskDialog function is pointing to TaskDialog.pas (5052) which is the correct function location, so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error. I can only think there is a conflict with another component, although a TAdvTaskDialog component works fine.

Thanks, Andrew

As I suspected, there is a conflict with another unit(s). I used JSDialogs previously for many dialogs and have found that I have to remove the JSDialog units before being able to use the TaskDialog unit with AdvMessageDlg.

Thanks for your support.


Thanks for informing

Ok. Just one point I have noticed: The JSDialog uses a TStringList for the Content whereas the AdvTaskDialog doesn't. That makes it more difficult to position lines of text on the AdvTaskDialog. Perhaps an enhancement for the future?

To what exactly are you referring?
A AdvShowMessage overload?
Something else?

No, it was for the TAdvTaskDialog where the Content property is a string rather than a StringList - as it is in the JSDialog component. However, I can manipulate the Content string ok with line feeds and spaces, so a stringlist is not really necessary. Forget I asked!

Regards Andrew

For Info: the 2 components can co-exist provided that TaskDialog is placed before JSDialog in the Uses section.

Thanks for informing