AdvMemo Trial + Custom Hightlighting


I just tried the AdvMemo-Trail version (I am using Delphi XE5 Enterprise).
Now I might seem be dumb, but I am not able to create a custom Styler Component.

It seems I need assistance on this one - could you give me a step by step explanation how to create a custom styler component based on the ADVMPS.PAS?

I would like to see this in action before buying this nice component.

Thanks in advance.
You can download the sample source of the Pascal syntax styler here:

So creating a Custom Styler is only available with the full version (as source will be shipped along)?

You can create a custom styler with the trial version. Just follow the example as provided with the TAdvPascalMemoStyler and use this class with the trial version.

1st of all happy new year.

Seems I am not smart enough to complete this hopefully easy part.

What I have done until now:
- installed advMemo - working flawless
- downloaded the
- extracted the advmps.pas
- loaded and modified (keywords) the advmps.pas and saved it as advmTestS.pas

What I tried next, but failed was to install advmpas.pas as a component into the TMS Memo Package.

Please give me another hint how to circumvent this hopefully little problem.
Thanks again


Finally got it working.