AdvMemo highlight ALL Find strings

Is there an easy way to get AdvMemo to highlight ALL the strings that match a specified Find string? The purpose is to represent visually what effect a Replace All is going to have. I'm able to get the FindCount and even create Bookmarks for the matching lines but can find no obvious way to get highlights set.

Did you try to set

AdvMemo.HighlightText := 'stringtomatch';

Great, that works well. Can I control the Highlight format? Is there a setting corresponding to "Match whole word only"?

It uses clHighlight / clHighlightText. There is not a setting at this time for match whole word only.

Thanks, this works for now although settings for TextColor/Background would be nice. I can also use a Style Element acquired via AllStyles.Add for greater flexibility. Unfortunately, these Style Elements don't seem to have a Whole World option either. Maybe in a future update?