AdvLockApp and Taskbar right menu


I'm using AdvLockApp in my application and when it locks it, you can just left click on the taskbar icon ans select the application name to open a new instance.
After some time there will be multiple instances open.
Is there a way to hide the popup menu in the taskbar toprevent this?
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Francisco Alvarado

Sorry, so far, I have been unable to find a way to block this.

However, since this opens a second instance, i would assume that if this is an application with sensitive data, it won't open a second instance without requiring a new authentication?Bruno Fierens2018-05-03 22:49:07

Thank you Bruno. That is correct, it requieres a new login, but it would leave the first instance active, with a user logged on and maybe with some open data. 

I'm combining this with a TAdvTaskDialog component to limit the time a catalog is in edit or append mode...
Francisco Alvarado