AdvListView subitem edit activation


I'm using an Advanced List View to insert a new item (caption and 3 subitems) at position 0. I have this part of my code working fine.
Once this text is added, I'd like to have the last subitem field (2) switch to edit mode so the user can type their own text directly into that field. 
I have enabled Subitem editing and I can click on the field and edit it manually but I need to have it automatically go into edit mode once the item and text is inserted.
Once the user has finished entering the text, I need the user to press Enter to close the field.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have you considered using AdvListView.StartEdit(itemindex, subitemindex) to programmatically start the editing when you want it?

Thanks for that. I now have it working the way I want.

Much appreciated.