AdvTreeView + AdvEdit InplaceEditor

Using an AdvTreeView with Options.KeyboardEdit = True + an AdvEdit as an InplaceEditor with ReturnIsTab=True makes the inplace editor always open if you press . One must press tab to avoid the treeview to open it again. When you press It kind of flicks, and it's noticeable that the advedit appears in coordinates (0, 0) and then opens again in it's place.

In my case, there's just one editable column, where I use the AdvEdit, and I put MyTreeView.StopEditing in it's OnExit event.

Sorry ... both phrases above where I wrote "When / If you press ..." and that's just this, I meant When/If you press ENTER . I originally wrote <ENTER> , and it was rendered as empty text.

The sequence of handling of keys by TAdvEdit is somewhat different from TAdvTreeView and this causes this issue with ReturnIsTab.
In this sample project is an alternative approach for closing the TAdvEdit custom inplace editor with the return key. (6.3 KB)

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