ADVEdit OnChange Event


I use VCL UI
ADVEdit - EditTyp=etFloat

If a Value ist entered in ADVEdit, OnChange is called.
If the Value is assigned in the code (ADVEdit1.FloatValue := 1.0;), On Change is not called.
If you set the Value via ADVEdit1.Value then OnChange is called.
FloatValue := is very often used in our program. It is not possible to exchange all of this with Value := so that OnChange is fired.
Please fix this bug.

in the unit ADVEdit: SetFloat, SetInt, etc. OnChange is set to nil (onch := OnChange; OnChange := nil;)
As a result OnChange is no longer called.

In our opinion, it should not be called from the set Value either.
In our opinion, changing something programmatic should not trigger an event. If it does, one can not differentiate between a user interaction and a programmatic interaction. If a property is set programmatic, the code knows it is set and when there is a real need can call the change handler programmatic.


in older versions the behavior was exactly the same, assign value, OnChange is called.
Because you think you can change that, we can go through all the programms and adjust the source code.
Thank you very much for that.

It was an inconsistency discovered and we think the right thing to do is fix an inconsistency.