I'm trying to use the export to Excel function of AdvGridExcellIO to export data for other grids through DBAdvGrid.

First of All I use DBAdvGrid BeginUpdate.
Then I change the datasource of DBAdvGrid  to the same datasource of the other grid.

Then I add columns to DBAdvGrid using the other grid's scolumn specs, like this:

(grid is the other grid passed as param to procedure)

    i: integer;
    cc: TDBGridColumnItem;
         cc := DBAdvGrid1.Columns.Add;
          cc.FieldName := xgrid.Columns.FieldName;
          cc.Width := xgrid.Columns.Width;
          cc.Header := xgrid.Columns.FieldName;
          cc.Name := xgrid.Columns.FieldName;

 Then I do DBAdvGrid.endupdate;
  Then I do DBAdvGrid.refresh;
 Then I do DBAdvGrid.Update;

But After an  AdvGridExcelIO.XLSExport the .xls file only contains part of the data.
It seems the DBAdvGrid did not do a complete refresh of the data.

Rows in dataset is 700.
Columns is 30

Is there any way to force DBAdvGrid to do a complete refresh of the data in the grid from the dataset ?

You use the latest version of the components?
What exact part of the data is exported?

Did you set grid.PageMode = false or true?