AdvGlowButton as DropDownButton question


is it possible to control the size of the right section when DropDownButton is true? I'd like to make it bigger.

I know it is possible with a normal TButton but I did not find a way to do it with an AdvGlowButton.


This is at this moment not exposed as a property.
The size is defined as a const in AdvGlowButton.pas:

  DropDownSectWidth = 14;


thanks for the answer. Any chance this could be adapted as a feature request?
Our use case would need this as a property exposed per button.

Also, any chance I could get an update on my other post? It has been a lonely monologue since it's creation. If you don't think you will have ressources to work on this I will have to switch to plan B.

Thanks for your time

You need different dropdown button sizes for different buttons?


we have a section of our application where users have acces to a keyboard and mouse and another where users only have a touch screen.

We coded a reusable frame with a DropDownButton and we use this in both sections of the application.
On the touch screen section we make the button bigger but we can't make the dropdown section bigger. 

This is why we are wondering if this could be implemented.


I'd like to add my support for this feature request :)

It will be available in TMS VCL UI Pack v10.2.4.0

Which control is this dropdown width applicable to? I was hoping it would be for TAdvGlowMenuButton, but I don't see it. Just the usual properties of DropDownButton, DropDownMenu, DropDownPosition and DropDownSplit. But no DropDownWidth?

DropDownWidth was added in TAdvGlowButton as this whole thread from the beginning refers to TAdvGlowButton.
But we exposed it now for TAdvGlowMenuButton as well and TMS VCL UI Pack v10.3.3.0 will have this.

Excellent, thanks. FWIW, I finally received a forum notification via email! Seems your new support forum fixed that problem for me.

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