advFormStyler and dynamic created controls

Hi all...


1. TClass1    ... TForm with AdvPanel (alClient), AdvFormStyler)
2. derived TClass2 from TClass1
3. dynamic Create TClass2
4. in TClass2 dynamic Create AdvOfficeComboBox (Parent: AdvPanel)

Problem: Setting Style of the AdvFormStyler has no Effect to the AdvOfficeComboBox !

What i am doing:
- setting Style after creating AdvOfficeComboBox... no Effect
- creating AdvFormStyler after creating AdvComboBox and setting Style... no Effect
- placing a AdvOffice ComboBox on Form (TClass1)
  -> when i set the Style after creating dynamic AdvOfficeComboBox the Style has only Effect to the placed AdvOfficeComboBox and not to the dynamic created :-(

How to work with dynamic created controls ?

  1. do you make sure the owner of the TAdvFormStyler is class2, i.e. both TAdvFormStyler and the TAdvOfficeComboBox has the same owner?
    2) do you set the style AFTER the window handles have been created for all controls involved?

good Morning...

"Owner"  was the correct answer... 100 Points for you  .-)