advFileNameEdit Persistence

Using latest 6.7.3 version of VCL components with Delphi XE2 on Windows 7 64 bit.
Using Persistence.Location = pIniFile.
            Persistence.Enable = TRUE
I've found that advFileNameEdit component calls SavePersist before it calls LoadPersist when it is constructed. If no Persistence.Key defined it constructs an inifile name with the name of the programme/application. This is fine.
However, any data in the pre-existing inifile corresponding to the value to be associated with the advFileNameEdit is lost. This also occurs if I programmatically set the advFileNameEdit.Key = applicationName.ini. 
The values are saved when the component closed - I can read the value with an external editor. But the value is lost when the programme runs again.
I can work around the problem by saving persistence inifile data in an inifile with a name other than that of the programme/application.

advEdit component works as expected without calling SavePersist when first constructed and any associated value is loaded correctly from  applicationName.ini.

Peter Dawes

I have retested this here but I cannot reproduce this.
I did set also the Persistence.Section and Persistence.Key values and when doing so,

last edited values are always persisted in the INI file and restored when the app restarts.
If a problem persists, can you please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this here?

I have a small project in which I'm using these components I could zip it up and send it to you. How do I go about emailing the zip file to you?

Info for email support can be found at:

I have a similar problem but this time using the plRegistry to store the last value.  

I have:

The registry entry is never created.  Note that TAdvEdit persistence works fine in the same application with the same settings for persistence.