TAdvLUEdit Persistance

I'm getting a problem with the LookupPersist and Persistence with TAdvLUEdit

If you set the Key in the Object Inspector then LookupPersist and Persistence works correctly. 

If you set the Key manually when the Form is created (see code below) it saves the LookupPersist and Persistence to the Registry when the program closes but doesn't load it back in again when the EXE is restarted. The same is also try when setting the plIniFile "Key" to a file name manually.

  rsRegistryKey = '\software\JQL\MyProg';
  rsINIFile = 'C:\TEMP\Persistence.ini';

procedure TfrmMain.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  AdvLUEdit1.LookupPersist.Key := rsRegistryKey;
  AdvLUEdit1.Persistence.Key := rsRegistryKey;

  { This doesn't work either }
  // AdvLUEdit1.LookupPersist.Key := rsINIFile;
  // AdvLUEdit1.Persistence.Key := rsINIFile;