AdvDockPanel - Toolbar order (cont.)

Last year I asked about a problem where the Toolbar order on a DockPanel reversed when changing VCL styles. At the time it could not be confirmed but it continued to be a problem in my app. This year I re-visited the problem at the insistence of users and I think I have tracked it down in a more re-producible manner: a simple horizontal resize of a form also generates the toolbar re-order - but only when the app is is 64bit. When compiled as 32bit nothing happens.
Sample code is attached, screen recording of the app showing behaviour available from this link: (72.1 KB)

Very strange issue. We could reproduce it and we will investigate.

This looks to be related to a bug with the 64bit compiler and use of method procs.
We implemented a workaround to fix this. Next update will have this improvement.

Thank you!! My customers will be very happy that this is fixed (now just the other thousand bugs in my code :wink:)

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