AdvDirectoryTreeView Drag and Drop


im currently playaround with the AdvDirectoryTreeView and want to drag and drop files and rename them.
Is there a way how to realise this?
I tried to set Interaction-DragDropMode to tdmMove without success.
When i try to move a file, the cursor switches into the "not accepted" state.

Thanks for your help

Are you referring to drag & drop with the TAdvDirectoryTreeView, i.e. reorder nodes or are you referring to drag & drop from another (external application?) source (for example Windows Explorer) to the control? At this moment, there is no built-in support for drag & drop from an external source.

Thanks for your fast reply.
the final application should be able to accept external files, but i think i can realise this in other ways then drag&drop for the moment.
But i would like to use the internal Drag & Drop so that i can drag files into different folders.

I somehow managed the tadvDirectoryTreeView to accept Darg&Drop of Nodes inside the TreeView itself.
But it seems that the Nodes are only moved virtually because when i reload the treeview, the changes are discarded. 

Is there a way to make these movements permantent so that the files are transfered to another folder?

Hi, File transfer is something that needs to be done manually via the event that is triggered when nodes are dropped. When refreshing the treeview, the new file structure will be shown.

Thanks for the Information.
Last Question: Is there a simple Way of returning the actual Path of a Node given at a specific Position? Or do i have to get the Path recursive?

Thanks a lot for your Help.


Yes, you can cast a node to TAdvDirectoryTreeViewNode and access the FileName property, which in case of a directory gives the path to the directory, in case of a file, the path to the file and the filename.

Thank you very much.
I realised the DragAndDrop Function and moving files works fine.