Hi, i am using AdvTreeView in collection-based mode. I want to drag a node and drop it in the same treeview, but it does not work. Please can you tell me how to do and perhaps there is an example about it. Thanks


You can set   AdvTreeView1.Interaction.DragDropMode := tdmMove; to move nodes inside the treeview. There is no need for a manualy implementation.

Oh yes, I did that. But I have to react at the moving to change data in database. How can i notice where i moved the node?

You can use the OnAfterDropNode event for this.

Yes, I tried it. but AToNode is TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode and I use only TAdvTreeViewNode. How can i combine this two?

The virtualnode has a property Node to have access to the collection based node. You can use AToNode.Node for this purpose.