X,Y Position in tAdcDirectoryTreeView

Hello again,

i implemented a way to drag and drop Files into the TAdvDirectoryTreeView from the Explorer.
I realised this by using the X,Y Coordinates to get the Node respectiv the folder where to move the file into. That worked well but since the last Windows 10 Update i often receive "Access Violation" errors.
I noticed that this is due to not finding a node for the X,Y-coordinates. When i checked the X-Coordinates on MouseMove i noticed, that the X-Value does only change slightly and somehow randomly. When i use the Drag&Drop functions within the TreeView, where i can acces ANode to move Files, everything works fine.
Have u experienced similar problems?
To Access the Filename i use following cast and function:
The Variables "AuftragX","AuftragY" are updated on the MouseMove function of the TreeView.
I hope u have a suggestion of what i could try to do.
Thank you


It could be possible that XYToNode is returning nil, so I would assign this value to a private variable before accessing the FileName

  d: TAdvDirectoryTreeViewNode;
  d := TAdvDirectoryTreeViewNode(tvDokumente.XYToNode(AuftragX,AuftragY).Node);
  if Assigned(d) then


i tried your recommendation without succes. But i figured out, that the onMouseMove event isn't triggered when Dragging files onto the TreeView. Thus i evaluated, that the x,y- Coordinates are always out of Bounds.
I have solved this by adressing the Node after the treeview handle acceppted the file.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for informing!