Adding ordered list to a TAdvRichEditor and ClearSelection issue

I have faced some severe problems using the TAdvRichEditor own toolbars so I'm deploying my own version (see => Access violation with AdvRichEditor toolbars in DLL - #11 by Jaraiz_Gonzalez_Senador1).

I was able to achieve the basic format functionality pretty fast using some TAdvRichEditor functions (SetSelectionBold, SetSelectionTextColor, ...). All seemed straight forward until I found that just as there is a function to add a bullet (unsorted) list (SetSellectionBullet), there doesn't seem to be one to add an ordered (numbered) list. Is there any function to do it? What would be the best way?

And just another question. After adding some formating (let's say bold font to a selected text) I want to clear the selection. This can be done with ClearSelection() method but after that, caret remains at the selection start position and not on its end as it should be. Can I fix that behaviour some way?.

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The parameter for SetSelectionBullet determines the type of the bullet:


We applied a fix for the ClearSelection issue and this fix will be included in the update.

Thanks @brunofierens for the SetSelectionBullet hint.

I have download and installed the last version (Aug 1st ver - AdvRichEditor version and the ClearSelection() is still behaving as before just like no fix has been applied.

ClearSelection fix should be in TMS VCL UI Pack v10.8.1.0
If a problem persists, can you please provide sample source project and/or exact steps how to reproduce.


Steps to reproduce.

  1. Create a new TForm and add a TAdvRichEditor, and a TSpeedButton

  2. Add the following lines to the button OnClick event


  3. Run the project. Write some text in the editor, select some words and click the speedbutton. The problem should be clearly visible.

I've attached a screen capture video (I zipped it 'cos the system didn't let me upload the video) so you can check for yourself that the problem is still unsolved. (384.0 KB)

It is not ClearSelection() that was causing this but SetSelectionBold().
We applied an improvement for this that will be included in the next update.

Ok. Thank you. I will wait to the next release then.

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