Adding Model to the Aurelius export

We have a project that requires 3 datamodels and we make all of these models in your datamodeller.
That's fine, but one thing is very annoying: the modelname has to be added manually after the Aurelius export.
The datamodeller generates something like this:
<!--if gte mso 9>

I imagine it must be no problem to add the modelname somewhere in the Datamodeller, maybe on the Aurelius Export page?

Are you already separating your models in the Data Modeler by creating three different diagrams? Or are you asking to add the model of each class manually in Data Modeler?

We have three different datamodels in three diagrams. The only thing we need is that the Aurelius export adds the Model Name to the Aurelius .pas file at the appropriate places.

Ok, there something for our backlog - export the [Model] attribute based on the diagrams in Data Modeler.