Add Footer to a Report


How can I create/add a footer to a report, which shows the "pagenumber/number of pages" on ervery page in a pdf (created with FlexCelPdfExport)?
Thanks Hannes

Can you just add the footer with FlexCel before printing?

If you are doing it by code, you can use some code like this:
 HeadersAndFooters := THeaderAndFooter.Create();
  HeadersAndFooters.AlignMargins := true;
  HeadersAndFooters.ScaleWithDoc := true;
  HeadersAndFooters.DiffFirstPage := false;
  HeadersAndFooters.DiffEvenPages := false;
  HeadersAndFooters.DefaultHeader := '';
  HeadersAndFooters.DefaultFooter := 'Page &P of &N';
  HeadersAndFooters.FirstHeader := '';
  HeadersAndFooters.FirstFooter := '';
  HeadersAndFooters.EvenHeader := '';
  HeadersAndFooters.EvenFooter := '';

While if you have a template in Excel, you can set the footer in Excel itself.

Hi Adrian,

thanks - I totally forgot the excel footer functionality :|