How to create page header

I didn't find anything about it in documentation.

I would like to get something like this:


Report header

**** Page header
details *******
etc ...

Page header ******

****** details *************

etc ...


****** Page header ******

****** details *************

etc ...


Marin Mašić


If the page header is the same for all pages, you can use Excel "Rows to repeat at top".  (in the ribbon, select "page layout" tab, and click in "Print titles")

Say your report header goes from row 1 to 5, and page header from 6 to 7. Then you select rows 6 to 7 as "Rows to repeat at top" and they will be repeated for each page (but not the report header).

If possible (that is, when your page headers are the same), this is the best approach because both Excel and FlexCel will always write the headers in every page, even if you change the paper size and page breaks move. 

If that is not possible, then you need to define a "page size", say you define it to be 30 rows, and then do a master detail report that writes a "page header" every 30 rows. Take a look at the demo \Demo\Modules\20.Reports\94.Split Datasets for an example of a report repeating the header every 40 rows. But as said, this is a worse solution, since those rows are hardcoded, and if you insert something or change the page size, the whole report will break. So of possible, it is best to go with a combination of "Rows to repeat at top" and Excel page footers and headers.

"Rows to repeat at top" was exactly what I was looking for.