Excel page number/count


is it possible to print the current page number and the total page count in an Excel cell? I know that it is possible via Excel functionality within the header and footer. But I need these information in a "normal" Excel cell. Does FlexCel offer any placeholder, variable or function to get these information?

Best regards,
Christian Sack


Sorry, this is not possible because the number of pages and the page number depend in a lot of factors which are not known until print time: paper size and printer used, print to fit setting, zoom, etc. 

 The page number might even change because the "hard margins" in the specific printer you are printing to, which are the dead space where the paper is physically hold by the printer. A bigger margin might make the printing area smaller, causing a column or row to move to the next page.

Note that this doesn't apply to header and footers, because this is a variable you set that is filled at print time with the correct information. But Excel doesn't have any similar variable to store the page number in a cell, so we would need to calculate that number in advance and enter it into the cell. But we don't know the number of pages until the very moment you print.