Access violations in new C++ install


I just installed the TMS Pack for FireMonkey in XE7.  Everything works fine when I create a Delphi project but many components cause access violation errors in C++.

Here's a few that cause the error immediately upon execution:
TTMSFMXGrid - FMX.TMSGridData line 2214
  FColumnOrder := TIntList.Create;

TTMSFMXEdit - FMX.TMSCustomEdit line 540
  FSpellMenuItems := TList<TMenuItem>.Create;

TTMSFMXTileList - MFX.TMSTileList line 1941
  FDisplayList := TDisplayList.Create;

Many components work just fine including TTMSFMXListEditor, TTMSFMXDateTimeEdit, TTMSFMXButton, etc.

Any suggestions?


We are unaware of any issues in C++Builder. Are you able to reproduce this in a new project? Are you having issues when turning off runtime packages for your C++Builder project.

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Yes, I'm starting with a new, clean project.  Turning off runtime packages does work!  Should I just leave it set that way or is there a better solution?

When you use runtime package, do you deploy the package files in the right deployment folder?