ZModem Error -5 Out of Sync

I'm trying to receive files from a BBS.  The file does get received but the VaZModemTransferEnd event never fires until maximum errors is reached.  After the file is received (20 secs or so later ) I start getting ZModem Error -5 followed by Error -1. 

This same code works fine on other BBSs, but we this BBS is giving us this problem.  Sending works fine.
Below is a activity log.  Let me know if any other info would help to diagnose. Any ideas?
Connected: CONNECT 26400/ARQ/V34/LAPM/V42BIS
Connected to: 1-717-xxx-xxxx
Event Character Received
Event Character Received
Event Character Received
Before file read E:\Work\20111214\999.hnhco3102314.dat_00001.20111212.18703
ZModemFileInfo E:\Work\20111214\999.hnhco3102314.dat_00001.20111212-1.18703 752
Event Character Received
ZModemFileProgress 752 wbfree:2048
Event Character Received
ZModem Error -5 1
ZModem Error -1 2
No Carrier.
ZModem Error -1 3
ZModem Error -1 4
ZModem Error -1 5
ZModem Error -1 6
ZModem Error -1 7
ZModem Error -1 8
ZModem Error -1 9
ZModeTransferEnd -9
Transfer FAILED
ZModem last error: 0
Serial Port Closed

I am having the exact issue with the Novitas connection which is also a BBS.  I have had some luck with once the file has reached its size I called TvaZmodem cancel and the TvaZmodem.Transfer end.  Not the best way. 

Is there any way we can reproduce this here so we are able to investigate it?

Unfortunately this requires a login with a user name and password.  The BBS is used to send medical claims files to and from an insurance company.

I sent in the example application to see if there were any properties that I had not setup correctly.
It would be very helpful if there were a demo that contained the TVaModem component, TVaZModem, TVATerminal, TVaBuffer, and TVANSI components that demonstrated connecting to a BBS, upload, and download files.  I have successfully created this type of connection before with another bbs but for some reason I cannot get this to work with this BBS.  BTW Uploading works fine.

I am going to contact Novitas and see if I can get a Test account setup with dummy files.  That way you will be able to test it in house.

Unfortunately Notivas will not allow a test connection.  I am attempting to walk through the code that lets TVaZmodem know that the file has completed.  What is the flag that tells the protocol that the file has completely downloaded?