Error -19

I am trying to download files from a BBS using VaZModem... When the file is greater thank 4k it will download most of the file and then throw an error -19.

Any Suggestions??

Thank you 

Is this with the latest version?

Did you set this up in a similar way as the YModem demo?

Yes... This is version 1.5 of Async32... It is similar to the demo but here are the chain of events...

1.  Dial out to a BBS (Working)
2.  Navigate the system using the Terminal Component to start a file download (working)
3.  Click the file download button to start ZModem download [8k file]
4.  About 1k is downloaded then 10 -19 Errors are received back to back
5.  The Download ends with too many errors (-9)

I have tested with Hyperterminal to verify that zmodem transfer works from the BBS.  Just don't understand why the (-19) error.

Thank you