Z-Order for Markers


I'm using a TTMSFNCMaps to show markers with alarms, warnings and Ok conditions. The markers are Red, Yellow and Green. If there are a lot of markers the red ones can get owerlapped by Green ones if the coordinates are very close. Is it possible to set a Z-order on the markers making the red ones always be painted on top?

Best regards, Mikael

ZIndex is currently a feature available only in TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.

Hi Pieter,
Hi Mikael,

I would like to hijak that post :smiley:
I use TTMSFNCMaps, too. Unfortunately I can not Change to TTMSFNCGoogleMaps.
As Service I use Mapbox, would it be possible to add this function to Mapbox Service on TTMSFNCMaps?

Best regards

Hi Jochum,

I can confirm Z order support will be available in a future version of TTMSFNCMapBox. This will be a new ZIndex property for the TTMSFNCMapBoxMarker object.
If you are using TTMSFNCMaps with the MapBox service you should be able to change to TTMSFNCMapBox without problems.