WebOsmap - Markerquestion (Fast add, bringtofront)


I have a Map with several Markers on it (1000+)

In Sum I Have 3 Questions.

1.) How can I bring one specific Marker to front, without reprogramming the whole Openlayer Framework. I found that Zindex is only posible with Verctors, but maybe there is another possibility?

2.) Like I said before, I have to place 1000 and more Marker on a Map. Is it posible to speedup this process? maybe by adding a Range of Markers to the Map?

3.) Are there some Plans to upgrade the Component to use Openlayer 3 as Framework, wich will lead to much more Options and Performance increases.

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1) Unfortunately ZIndexing of markers is currently not supported. We'll have to investigate if this feature can be added in a future version of TMS VCL WebOSMaps.

2) I would recommend adding a lower amount of markers at a time. Maybe you can try only adding markers for the part of the map that is visible?

3) Please note that OpenLayers 3 / 4 introduced a lot of breaking changes which would require non-trivial changes in TMS VCL WebOSMaps. Unfortunately there are no plans to support newer versions of OpenLayers. However we'll consider this again when the next development round for TMS VCL WebOSMaps starts.

I have not only a Problem by placing the Marker I have also a Problem by using the map.
If the Markers are All placed (in my actuall Situation 13440 Markers). The Map it self will performe so slowly, that its imposiblle to use it at this Point.

Adding such a large amount of markers will indeed have a negative influence on the overall performance of the map.
I would recommend to only add a subset of markers at a time.