Y - Values not fitting

Is there a way to ensure that Series Values show irrespective of the size of the value, other than taking off the axis autosize I can't seem to find a way of ensuring this?

Do you mean that the font is smaller for wider text values and the width of the Y-Axis remains the same?

The only option to make sure the values remain visible is the AutoSize property, the above is currently not implemented.

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Scheldeman Pieter

Ideally yes. What I am finding is when the values are large if (as in my case) the chart is set to Horizontal the value gets cut off at the upper most extent or in the vertical state the values overlap.

Can you perhaps create a sample so we can investigate this here, as this is under specific circumstances.

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Much appreciated
Is the example below helpful?
This chart is set to horizontal and as you will see the values cut off. 



Unfortunately the link does not work, a screenshot is helpful but a real sample should give us enough 
information to reproduce the issue.

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Scheldeman Pieter 
Thanks Pieter,

Trying again.

What do you require for a sample?