Separate Y Axis

I have maybe 6 different Y Axis on my time chart, currently they all share the same vertical line with their major ticks, minor ticks, the values are shown out to the left. Obviously the one vertical line gets very  crowded, is it possible to have separate vertical lines for each Y Axis? 

The sorts of charts I am trying to create example (need to scroll down to see chart)


This behavior is currently not possible. There is no separate tickmark and line drawing available for different Y-Axis. We have added this on our todolist for further investigation. A temporary workaround would be to assign the OnDrawYAxis on chart level:

  AdvChartView1.Panes[0].Chart.OnDrawYAxis := DoDrawYAxis;

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You know, I am getting the impression I have done my money on this package, it really is not up to industrial strength, documentation is incomplete and it promises more than it can deliver?