XDataClient List, Distinct


we had the problem, that we have a Field in an Table with a lot of same Entries. We need to fill them in a Combobox that has distinct entries. (no doubles)

How can I make a distinct query on a database with the XDataClient List function ?

Thank you.

Hello Jens,

You can't. In this case I would suggest you just create a service operation that returns the entries in the way you want.

thanks for ur fast answer.

Can u show me a sample pls, how i can do this ?

Thank u

XData service operations: http://www.tmssoftware.biz/business/xdata/doc/web/service_operations_tutorial.html

Just implement a method with this signature and implement the code you need:

function IMyService.MyEntries: TList<TMyEntry>;
  // Retrieve a list of unique TMyEntry objects and return it