Xdata Webcore Applyupdates not saving

help appreciated.

I am new to xdata / webcore. I have solved most of my issues but struggling with updating a field.

I have a XDataWebDataSet connected to a webdbedit field via WebDataSource.

It displays the data fine.

If I edit the data it displays OK.

I have a save button that has the following code

XDataWebDataSet .applyupdates;

This does not update the data. Looking at Inspect/Network there is no activity on the applyupdates.

I am sure it is silly but struggling to see why the applyupdates does not do anything. If I add an append to a button to add new record it does update the database with the changes.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Just worked it out!

datamodule1.XDataWebDataSet1.FieldByName('id').Value := 95;

I needed to set the id.


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