TMS Web core Dataset no post

Hi everyone,

im trying to program a webapplication to load data into a grid and save new data via XDatawebdataset.
Loading Data is working smoothly, but when i want to insert a new record there just happens nothing when i look into the browser development tab.The DataSet is connected to a datasource and the entity name is given as well as the fields. Server is running and i can access the application.

The Code to save the new record is as follows:



and on new record within the Dataset is:

procedure TForm1.DataSetArtikelneuNewRecord(Dataset: TDataSet);
// DataSetArtikelneuID.Value := 0;
DataSetArtikelneuArtnr.AsString := 'test';
DataSetArtikelneuBezeichnung.AsString := 'YEAY';

there is no error or anything, but i dont set a post on the browser dev tab and nothing is inserted into the database. What could be the mistake here..?

thanks in advance

ok, forgot to call applyupdates... all good now!


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