XData $inlinecount




works fine but if I add


I get

    "error": {
        "code": "ResultsNotUnique",
        "message": "Criteria did not return an unique object. Rows returned: 111"

Any help greatly appreciated.



Please refer to:

select and inline count work together but select top and inline count do not!

When fixing this can you please ensure that it also works with $skip

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Please acknowledge this bug and provide a time frame for fixing it as it is totally preventing me from implementing paging in a web core app.

Is Wagner on holiday?

Wagner is travelling indeed.
He will do due things when he is able!

The fix mentioned in other post already fixed this issue. We couldn't reproduce the issue with our internal version here.

Thanks. I think my version of D11 has become screwed up somehow. I'm going to spend tomorrow rebuilding it.